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Shae Wissell

re:think dyslexia, Australia


Shae Wissell is a respected thought leader, researcher and award-winning advocate for adults with dyslexia, with a background in speech pathology, and a Master of Public Health and Health Administration. A seasoned entrepreneur Shae has extensive experience in health, not-for-profit and social enterprise industries using her business acumen to create successful ventures. She brings a wealth of expertise to her work running her own successful businesses as the director of re:think dyslexia and founder of the Dear Dyslexic Foundation its partnering charity. Shae leverages her diverse skillset and lived experiences of neurodivergence to offer valuable coaching and advisory services to individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations looking to take their lives and businesses to the next level.

As a doctoral candidate at La Trobe University’s School of Psychology and Public Health, Shae’s research centres on the lived experiences of adults with dyslexia in Australia. Her work explores the social inequalities individuals with dyslexia may face across healthcare, education,employment, interpersonal relationships, and social and emotional well-being. Shae has published locally and internationally on work experiences, mental health, and well-being.

As a certified Fempire coach for women in start-ups and new businesses, Shae’s strong coaching skills have helped many dyslexic individuals and business owners achieve their goals. Her empathetic and empowering coaching style helps her clients overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential.

Beyond research and coaching, Shae is accomplished workplace advisory offering consulting and learning and development programs that provide invaluable guidance to
businesses seeking to create more inclusive workplaces. Her expertise in dyslexia and other learning differences has been instrumental in shaping workplace policies and training programs that foster greater diversity, equity, and inclusion. Helping organisations unlock the full potential of their neurodiverse employees. Through her innovative approaches to dyslexia advocacy and education, Shae is creating a brighter future for individuals with dyslexia, while helping
businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

In addition to her research, Shae is a confident public speaker, host of the Dear Dyslexic podcast series, and published author. Her debut book, “The Hobo CEO: A Year in the Life of a Dyslexic Social Entrepreneur,” reached the top spot-on Amazon’s bestseller list. With her unique blend of personal and professional expertise, Shae is a valuable asset to the dyslexia community and beyond.

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