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Maria Lohan

Queen's University Belfast, UK

Title: Engaging boys and addressing masculinities in comprehensive sex education reaps benefits for both adolescent boys and girls: Results from the Jack Trial

Emma Rainey

Co-Founder, Gorgo Consulting & Board Member, 50:50 NI, Belgium

Title: Women, Peace, and Politics: Lessons to be Learned from the 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly Election

Nooraini Youp

Open University Malaysia, Malaysia

Title: Women Rising the Unseen Barriers

Marty Klein

SexEd Associates, USA

Title: His porn, her pain: When women don’t want men to watch porn

Jenni Gates

Counselling Therapist, Researcher & Author, UK

Title: Lessons in Love & Understanding: Gender, Sexual & Relationship Diversity in the Classroom. The importance of LGBTQI+ representation in public and educational settings.

Jessica Lynn

Speaker & Advocate Kinsey Institute Global Ambassador, USA

Title: Turn the Page

Denise A Miller

University of Greenwich, UK

Title: Black British female managers—The silent catastrophe

Shirin Abbas

Invertis University, India

Title: Unequal Representation of Gender in Indian Media

Kathleen Cherrington

York University, Canada

Title: Counterhegemonic Feminist Art in Sex Workers’ Activism

Mirela Violeta David

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Title: The Representation of the Socialist Abortion Ban as Women’s Reproductive Burden in Postsocialist Romanian Cinema

Meenakshi Saharan

Indian Institute of Technology, India

Title: Silenced wails of young Incest Survivors: Life Story Perspective of Girl Children in Children’s Home

Dr. Dennis Lucy Avilés Irahola

Center for Development Research (ZEF) – University of Bonn, Germany

Title: The Buen Vivir and decolonial feminism: critical views on Bolivian and Ecuadorian experiences

Cecilia Herles

University of Georiga, United states

Title: Feminist Frameworks for Engaging in the Pursuit of Food Justice

Punam Mehta

University of Manitoba, Canada

Title: Revisiting the Feminist Classroom through Storytelling, Activism and the Body

Gabriela Balcarce

Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Title: Non-hegemonic feminisms: Latin American contributions

Andrea Lee Press

University of Virginia, United States

Title: Activism to Workplace: Gauging the Impact of MeToo in STEM Fields

Priyanca Mathur

Jain University, India

Title: Gender and Forced Migration: The Politics of Silence and the Voice and Agency of Myanmarese Women Refugees in India.

Rocío Cárdenas Rodríguez

Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain

Title: Inequalities, Cultural Diversity and Gender Violence. Risk factors and social protection of migrant women against gender violence

Tiajuana L. Tillman

Morgan State University, USA

Title: Earth-Quaking the Canon: Establishing the Trans Hero

Stef Barozzi

University of Granada, Spain

Title: The social stigma surrounding Hiv-affected communities: Queer history and activism in Tom Spanbauer’s writing

Eduarda Ferreira

Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences (CICS.NOVA), NOVA FCSH, Portugal

Title: Lesbian studies in Portugal – contributions to sexual orientation equality policies

Marie-Therese Claes

Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

Title: When Mobile work creates more discrimination

Ida E. Jones

Morgan State University, USA

Title: It is your task, it is your bounden duty, to continue: The complex silence and boisterous voice of Dr. Ellen Irene Diggs 1947 to 1980.

Naomi R. Goldenberg

University of Ottawa, Canada

Title: Understanding ‘Religion’ as a Technology of Masculinist Statecraft

Robert Hamilton

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Republic of Korea

Title: Migrants of Desire: Transnational Sexualities and the Korean Context

Huanyu Huang

University of Westminster, United Kingdom

Title: From the #MeToo USA to #MeToo China: A Non-Western Perspective of the Online Feminist Movement

McKinzie Gales

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA

Title: The Case for Collecting, Analyzing and Utilizing Sex-disaggregated Data and Gendered Data to Inform Outbreak Responses, A Systematic Review of the Literature 2012-2022

Wafa Alhajri

St. Ambrose University, USA

Title: The Effects of the Male Guardianship Cultural Heritage on Saudi Muslim Women’s Mental Health

Stavroula Glezakos

Wake Forest University, USA

Title: “What the Body Knows”

Sonia Michaelsen

Université de Montréal, Canada

Title: The causes of Sexual and Gender-based Violence among South Sudanese Refugees in refugee settlements vs. urban centers in Uganda

Gloria Careaga

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. UNAM

Title: Gender and Sexuality as permanent threat.

Alisha Parikh

Plan International, USA

Title: The Intersection of Age and Gender: Removing Barriers and Promoting Gender Equality in Adolescent Girls’ Decision-Making

Adi Karas

Israel Defense Forces, Israel

Title: The Influence of Gender Bias: Is Pain Management in the Field Affected by Health Care Provider’s Gender?

Miral Maghoub Al-Tahawy

Arizona State University, USA

Title: Women’s Discourse on Sexuality in Modern Arabic Literature

Harish Sadani

Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA), India

Title: Engaging young people through SamaBhav - a unique Travelling International Film Festival on Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Teresa Terron Caro

Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain

Title: International women's migration processes and Human Rights. Challenges and contributions for democratic governance from an Interdisciplinary and Intersectional approach

Jayshree Singh

Bhupal Nobles’ University, India

Title: Feminism’s relationship to sexuality and gender-subjectivity: The critical analyses of the selected novels of Indo-American diaspora female writer - Chitra Divakaruni Banerjee

Kathy de Jong

Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Title: STORIES FROM THE RAINBOW ROAD-2SLGBTQIA+ Identified Youth Experiences of Mental Health Service Delivery in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador

Janine Jones

UNC, Greensboro, USA

Title: “Blackgirls Living in the ‘I Can’”

Adeen Rizwan Malik

Georgetown University Qatar, Qatar

Title: Broadening the Scope of Feminist Activism in Pakistan: An Analysis of the Aurat March’s politicization of Gender

Melin Levent Yuna

Acıbadem University, Istanbul, Turkey

Title: Embodiment of An Identity: Woman’s Dancing Body in Istanbul

Danné E. Davis

Montclair State University, USA

Title: Undergraduate Students’ Artistic Expressions of Vaginal Imagery

Stephanie Bonvissuto

Hunter College, USA

Title: Making Queer Feminist Space for Trans, Nonbinary, and Gender Nonconforming Peoples

Kylo-Patrick R. Hart

Texas Christian University, USA

Title: Exploring Sexual Confusion in Heartstone and Heartstopper

Meloddye Carpio Rios

DePaul University, United States

Title: Queering the Amazonian Archive: Decolonizing Practices in Contemporary Peruvian Art

Gavan Patrick Gray

Tsuda University, College of Policy Studies, Japan

Title: Fragile Safety: Gender-based Threats to Women’s Mental and Physical Health in Japan

Kata Keveházi

Director of JOL-LET (Well-Being) Foundation, Hungary

Title: Security in insecurity

Prof (Dr) Tanu Tandon

Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM) Deemed University, India

Title: Narratives of Empowered Women

Janet Dahlem

St Catherine University, United States

Title: Coming Out in the College Classroom as a Lesbian/Queer Identified Professor: Disrupting Heteronormativity to Help Create an Inclusive Classroom

Roy F. Baumeister

University of QUeensland, United States

Title: Provider Theory: A Novel Perspective on Male-Female Relations

Tianqi P. Zhang (Panda)

Nagasaki University, Japan

Title: Navigating Opportunities and Challenges of a Gender-and-Sexuality-Oriented Student Group in Kyushu: A Qualitative Study

Éva Thun

John Wesley Theological College, Hungary

Title: Post-Soviet Feminisms in Hungary Entangled in the Paradox of Emerging “Too Soon” and “Too Late” - An Autoethnographical Account

Suzana Milevska

Independent Researcher, Macedonia

Title: Archives of Troubled Visual Representations of Genders and Sexualities

Momoko Kagesawa

University of York (Graduated), United Kingdom

Title: Hashtag feminism and collective knowledge production in Japan:How has #KuToo created collective knowledge and what are the challenges for feminists’ knowledge production?

Galina Scolnic

University of Windsor, Canada

Title: Auto-ethnography of gendered and classed migration

Roberta Suzette Hunte

Portland State University, United States

Title: “We experience what they experience”: Reflections from Black birthworkers and nurses on racial concordance as part of reproductive justice for Black women and birthing people

Iris Orbach

College of Management and Wingate Institute, Israel

Title: Evolution of Young Female Athletes' Reasons for Participating in Judo and Basketball

Liat Kulik

Bar Ilan University, Israel

Title: Stressors in the Work-Family System and Negative Affect: A Comparison between Ethnic Communities and Genders

Emily Cox-Palmer-White

Independent Researcher, United Kingdom

Title: Selfish Bodies? Maternity and birth in Alice Birch’s Dead Ringers and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein

Gabriela Perissinotto de Almeida

University of São Carlos, Brazil

Title: “UNTIL DEATH DO US PART”: The femicide trials in the Brazilian Jury

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