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David RePass

University of Connecticut, USA

Title: Measuring the Mandate in American Presidential Elections

Menen Tsegaw

Ambo university, Ethiopia

Title: Motivational factors influencing readiness to use youth friendly services among secondary school students in East Belesa district, Ethiopia, using the Theory of Planned Behavior, 2022

Albrecht Classen

University of Arizona, USA

Title: The Medieval Discourse on Love as a Critical Platform for Modern Social Behavior.

Kinan Noah

University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Title: Towards a definition of “Refugee Discourse” – The Discursive Architecture of Syrian Refugees’ Narratives

Dr Zoe Wyatt

Wyatt-Potage Consulting, Mauritius

Title: The Age of Understanding: Rethinking Generations in the Workplace

Vincent Potage

Wyatt-Potage Consulting, Mauritius

Title: Ethics of Public Relations in the Age of the Influencer

Stephen J. Schoenthaler

California State University, USA

Title: Reducing Malnutrition lowered murders in 5 nations: A review of 6 clinical trials that followed 11 quasi-experimental studies

Leda Kanellakou

University of Wisconsin, United Kingdom

Title: Moral Foundations Theory & Immigration: US and the UK

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